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Copy-Editing and Proofreading

It's amazing the tricks our eyes can play on us; even the most advanced writers can miss a typo. By working with me, you will eliminate that possibility.

As your editor, I will diligently read and re-read your work for any spelling, punctuation, or grammar issues (proofreading). I also specialize in restructuring sentences and maximizing word choice to ensure that any messages you're trying to convey don't get lost in awkward phrasing (copy-editing). By skillfully utilizing the combination of these two modes of editing, I can make your piece of writing look and sound its absolute best. 

My rate is $0.01 per word—I take pride in quality work at an affordable price.


Don't let your readers stumble over unseen errors, pulling them from the wonderful world you're creating.


Errors in non-fiction could cause loss of credibility. Let's work together to make sure that doesn't happen.


Ensure that your school paper doesn't lose valuable marks on things that are as easily fixed as they are missed.


About Me

An avid reader and writer in equal measure.

Reading and writing have been twin passions of mine for as long as I can remember. I have years of experience and enjoyment in both fields, and I wholeheartedly believe it makes me a better editor.


When looking at a piece of work, it's incredibly beneficial to be able to examine the coin from both sides. I know as a reader when things become unclear and messages get lost, but as a writer, I also know how to fix them.


I've always had a penchant for editing, and it's something I genuinely enjoy. I have a sharp eye for errors, excellent judgment in correcting them, and over five years' experience doing so. I'm also a proud member of the Editor's Association of Canada. I look forward to working together!




What's The Rush? by Joey Kidney

"YouTube creator and mental health expert Joey Kidney comes to terms with his own depressions, anxiety, and sadness. He truly documents his dark journey over the last 3 years of his existence. He welcomes the reader into his life, documenting every experience, including his heartbreak, love, loss, hardship, and happy times. Joey's goal in writing the book is to share his journey, the obstacles he's overcome, and his often not-so-straight road to recovery. His message is simple; it might be a struggle to get out of bed, take a shower or brush your teeth, but he hopes that you can decide what you need from this book, and make it your own."

Healing From The Ashes

by Quetell L. Duncombe

"In this inspirational memoir, life coach Quetell L. Duncombe shares her struggles and, most importantly, how she was able to overcome them through Faith. Due to childhood trauma, Quetell battled with several severe mental health issues—depression, anxiety, and issues related to control and anger management. She built up walls of defense as a coping mechanism, terrified of further hurt, pain, and disappointment. She grew up feeling unable to speak her Truth, eventually believing that ending her life was the only way out. Today, she is grateful she did not succeed in testing that theory. By sharing her personal story, Quetell hopes to spare others the frustration she felt in trying to figure out everything on her own. She wrote this book not only to inspire, but to help guide those who feel lost. No matter where you’ve been, Quetell L. Duncombe will help you realize that you have a purpose in life, a voice that deserves to be heard, and a way through the pain you feel."

Silent Night by Emma K.C. Couette

"In a future world, the skyscrapers of Haven City have crumbled and the government of today is no more. Death lurks around every corner and tomorrow is not promised. The Resistance and the Assassin's Guild fight for control of the city, but after decades of a silent war, no one expects victory. In this lawless city, enemies are abundant, but three people are feared above all: the Charger, Black Death, and the mysterious assassin called Silent Night. Silent Night has spent her whole life clawing her way to the top of the assassin list and has reached second place at the age of 18. She is days away from becoming Agent One when the tables are turned and a horrible truth is revealed. The next day, Silent Night seeks out the Resistance, to aid in the destruction of the Assassin's Guild. Silent Night expects hatred and mistrust from her former enemies, but one boy will surprise her and that boy might just be the death of her."


Client Testimonials

My writing would not be what it is today without Nicki’s help. Her editing and proofreading skills are unparalleled; she notices things I never would have in a million years, all while being one of the nicest and most patient people I’ve ever met. I recommend her to anyone and everyone who needs an editor!

Fiona Sangster,

published writer

If I’m being honest, having someone read over my work of the past three years was terrifying, but I could not have felt more comfortable with Nicki taking the lead. She is very professional, and respectful with her decisions and the corrections that she makes. She is very easy to work with, and has great communication throughout the entire process, from the initial edits to then meeting to discuss the work. I would fully recommend Nicki to be your personal grammar police!

Joey Kidney,

YouTuber and author of "What's The Rush?"

Nicki was incredibly helpful and professional while assisting me with my latest short story. She was both thorough and polite in her approach to editing, asking just the right questions to help me work through problem spots and flawlessly correcting the grammar that was often lacking. She’s easy to work with and stays true to the style and voice of the story.

TT Bret,

internet personality

There’s a reason I call Nicki my Comma Queen. I check my own writing for typos over and over, but she still finds many more! Nothing escapes her, and I couldn’t be more grateful. She really knows her stuff, and I will continue to use her for all my projects.

Christina Vlinder,

Child Development consultant and writer


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